My Slippery Slope Through Guitar!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my second post for my guitar learning project! Honestly, I am going to keep trying but the guitar doesn’t seem to be the instrument for me! I decided to take a step back and relearn a song that I had tried to learn when I took my Emus 202 course “All of Me” by John Legend. I am practicing transitions between chords which is something I have always struggled with and that is what I am going to show you in my video below! The chords used in “All of Me” are Em, G, C, Am, and my least favourite of all that I always struggle with is the D chord. I love this song because most of the verses and pre-choruses use a simple down strumming pattern until you enter the chorus which I try to show you a little bit of in the video where the strumming pattern is down, down, up, down, up… This song follows a 4 beat pattern so the first strum is held for the 1 & 2 & then you stum down on 3! I have also attached a tutorial that has been helping me through this song! 

Beginning to learn chorus for All of Me!
Easy Tutorial!

One great resource to use for tuning the guitar is SimplyTuner. This is a phone app that is super easy to use! It basically tunes the guitar for you! Check it out below!

Shows exactly what strings to play and tunes the guitar for you!

I also find that the Ultimate guitar app is a great resource to help with chords and strumming patterns!

Easy app for learning chords and strum patterns!

Twitter Thoughts? Feelings?? Educational Development? #SaskEdChat

Twitter is quite new to me. I have had Twitter in my younger years but I quickly stopped using it as I never really understood the purpose of Twitter as it felt no different than Instagram or Facebook. I now realize that Twitter is not the same as Facebook or Instagram where we post pictures or comments about our lives, and people like, share, and comment on them. Twitter is used as a professional development tool for many different types of businesses, politics, sports, and for educators to provide information and resources to aid in the learning of others. From an educational standpoint, Twitter is often used by school divisions to represent their schools in a positive way! To be honest, I am still getting used to the habit of regularly using Twitter as I have never really been an avid social media user. I have Instagram and Facebook but I rarely use them to post anything. 

After exploring Twitter I am recognizing how many educators use Twitter to help other educators with Edtech tips, lesson planning, classroom management and organization tactics, and more! Education has become a social networking system where people can learn from educators all over the world! You don’t even need to reach out to people in your own community to learn and gain resources from them which I find to be super cool about social media! We create our own online community or network where we find people with common interests and professions, provide and receive resources and it creates so many life hacks through tips other educators provide! As per bringing Twitter into the classroom? I am not sure how beneficial Twitter could be for students! It could be used as a reminder to students about upcoming school events and assignments! I will continue to do more research and see if I can learn ways in which Twitter can be effectively implemented in the classroom as this is an idea I have never heard of before. As a professional development tool, I am beginning to realize how great it is as an educator when looking for ideas for the classroom! It also helps build a community and helps you get your name out there which I think is important for teachers and preservice teachers! 

One of the first Educators I have met on my journey to building my digital Identity!

#SaskEdChat is one example of a community of teachers who come together to learn from one another! Teachers are able to meet for an hour and answer questions related to education and create thought-provoking discussions with people all over Saskatchewan to help benefit eachother as educators! I had the privilege to participate in #SaskEdChat last Thursday at 8 pm and it was such an interesting experience as I had many people whom I have never met liking my answers. I will also add that those answers were tough! Really had to get me thinking more in-depth about how I want my future classroom to be run as I have yet to enter the classrooms as a preservice teacher! Check out this picture below of some of my answers!

My first #SaskEdChat!

Continuing on, I think Twitter is an excellent source for educators to develop their social networks and learn new resources. Personally, I am still getting used to Twitter and am not a huge fan of it as I am still learning how to use it, and have trouble finding resources to Tweet. However, I am willing to give it a shot and continue my journey by developing my own social network that I can use in the future!



Continuing My Journey In Learning The Guitar!

Hi everyone! For my learning project, I chose to learn the guitar! I have always wanted to learn guitar but never had the chance as guitars are expensive and I could never find the time. For this project, I am actually borrowing a friend’s guitar! I have a little bit of background knowledge of how to play the guitar as I had taken EMUS 202 last semester where we were required to create our own guitar curriculum throughout the semester! I believe I could have practiced more in order to improve my skills as I did not reach my goals for that semester so here is my chance! As you’ll see in the video below I had decided to review a few basic chords to get started, G, Em, C, and D. D has always been a challenging chord for me to play so I am hoping to keep practicing so that I can play the D chord with no issues! I am also going to be working on transitions between chords and strumming patterns as that is something I struggled with in the previous semester. I will try to develop my skills in learning the song “All of Me” by John Legend which I attempted last semester and I would also like to try learning Viva La Vida by Cold play. 

Throughout my learning process, some resources I plan to use to help me are Youtube, the Ultimate Guitar app, other websites, and Tik Tok!

Below is a quick video of me reviewing some chords I learned last semester. Thanks!

Hello Everyone! Welcome To The Start Of My Journey Through EDTC 300!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Noelle Dyck and I plan to provide weekly updates on my learning experiences throughout this course! I am preparing to enter my third year in the Bachelor of Education program focusing on middle years and as I am not a very tech-savvy person I chose to take this course to help prepare me in using Educational technology as a pre-service teacher. 

Let’s put a face to the name! Hello!

I describe myself as an optimistic person always looking toward my future and my goals, I enjoy many extracurriculars such as running and Volleyball. I find passion in searching for new coffee shops to try out as some people cope with stress through sleep, exercise, planning, etc. but I choose to cope with coffee shops as the atmosphere relaxes me and I find joy and could hang out in a coffee shop all day if I had the chance!

Thought I would include a photo I had taken in one of the coffee shops I enjoyed!

I have always shared an interest in inclusive education and psychology, as I am interested in how our minds work! I also want to find new strategies to help build positive relationships and learning experiences between all students in the schools regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, learning or physical exceptionalities, etc. Growing up I noticed a lack of support available within my school when it came to students with different learning needs and while I have seen tremendous improvement over the years I still am interested in learning more about what it means to be inclusive so I can better plan ways to make all students feel safe and become successful throughout their learning experience. I have the pleasure of working as a Casual Educational Assistant for Praire South School Division which I love and has also inspired me to learn more about ways we can support these children I also work for an inclusion program that supports children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrom, and other physical and intellectual disabilities and helping these kids reach their goals! 

Now that’s a little bit about me but let’s discuss Ed-Tech! I have never been great when it comes to technology I seem to become quite frustrated with it actually which is why I decided to take this course! Blogging is new to me as I have used it for a couple of ECS courses and I find myself continuously comparing my blog to others as I can not figure out why people have such amazing blogs while mine is pretty basic. I have been playing with my blog throughout the week and honestly, I spent hours trying to figure the small things out such as formatting and adding my Twitter feed to my blog (which turned out to be an easy fix). WordPress can be confusing at times but after our first couple of classes, I spent more time with it and will continue to learn new things on the website so that hopefully it will seem less intimidating to me in the future. To help build the educational journey we were also required to create a Twitter! I have been familiar with Twitter for a long time as I began using it when I was about 13 years old. However, I stopped using it as I had no purpose for it and haven’t used it for probably about 8 years. I am excited to begin learning how Twitter will be an important part of my journey of becoming an educator and how I can find new resources about education and technology throughout this app to help me on my journey and I hope to become comfortable enough with Twitter where it becomes an everyday activity for me!

You can find the link to my Twitter here.